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Do you want your pet to be healthy, clean, happy and live a long life?
Salon NOMOVET is the right choice for you and your pet!

We provide:

  • Hygienic bathing
  • Bathing with suitable preparations against ectoparasites
  • Hygienic haircut
  • Cosmetics of all kind
The specificity of the clinic is reflected in the professional attitude of employees towards the problems starting from the initial inspection and taking all necessary diagnostic analysis, to the application of best practices in the treatment of your pet, at the highest level of modern veterinary medicine. ×
For intensive care, NOMOVET owns dispensary, in which patients are, if needed, kept under constant surveillance for 24 hours. ×
Veliki izbor hrane I opreme za kućne ljubimce. ×
digitalizovani RTG kabinet, najsavremeniji ultrazvuk, endoskop, radiohirurški nož. ×